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How air pollution is disturbing India’s fight against Covid-19?

Know how air pollution with COVID-19 is double trouble for Indians, and how you can protect yourself from covid-19 and pollution collectively.
11:47 AM Nov 06, 2020 IST | APN Live

Winters are at our doorstep, and toxicity in the air of the surroundings is looming over our heads. India’s fight against novel coronavirus has been facing a range of certain hurdles and challenges. In the world’s coronavirus tally, India records the second-largest number of coronavirus cases till date. Considering the increase in the air pollution level, fighting against COVID-19 will cause major setbacks. While both pollution and virus attack lungs, the second most populous country in the world is set to face a lot of strain, not only to tackle the situation, but also to deliver facilities and equipment.


Here’s how air pollution with COVID-19 is a double trouble for Indians:

Covid-19 mixed with air pollution is double-trouble for India?

Scientific studies from a long ago have been showing the connections between air pollution and other respiratory illnesses. In one of the largest studies, about 15% of people worldwide were in a long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution.


As per the reports generated by Harvard and Emory University, there can be some link between the increased death rate from COVID-19 and long term exposure to pollution. 

In their investigation, they analysed the role of particulate matter, ozone as well as nitrogen oxides in COVID-19 death after comparing death rates to pollution levels and other potential factors.


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How Toxic Air in India will affect lives?

As per the world health organization, toxic air is able to kill seven million people around a year globally. Also, a short term exposure to air pollution can result in long term respiratory illness. 

Burning of thousands of acres of crops, and celebration of festivals with firecrackers, especially in the northern states of India reveal how human lives are again under great threat.

What can be done?

Don’t forget to follow the covid-19 protection guidelines like practising social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces. Whether it’s about celebrating Diwali or other festivals, avoid burning crackers. One should avoid outdoor activities as much as you can, as air quality may be contaminated. Other than this, have a healthy diet in order to boost immunity.

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