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Popular Turkish singer cuts hair on stage during live show to support anti-hijab protests in Iran | WATCH

During her live performance, Mosso took a pause and and started chopped a portion of her hair in solidarity with Iran's protesters
01:17 PM Sep 28, 2022 IST | APN Live
popular turkish singer cuts hair on stage during live show to support anti hijab protests in iran   watch

As Iran witnessed one of the biggest anti-hijab protests in the past few weeks, many big celebrities across the globe came together and expressed their support for it. On Wednesday, a famous Turkish singer Melek Mosso also chopped her hair on stage during her performance in solidarity with Iran’s protestors.


The whole scene has been recorded on the camera and shared on the internet. The clip shows that Mosso paused her performance and started chopping a portion of her hair in the middle of her performance.

Take a look at the viral video of a Turkish singer cutting hair in support of a massive protest in Iran


In the clip, it can be seen that the singer stopped her live performance and chopped her hair in order to stand with all the women who are fighting for their rights in Iran. The video also shows that after attempting the move, the crowd started screaming in order to appreciate her gesture.

Ever since the clip was shared on the internet, it has successfully garnered thousands of views and likes in no time. Many people also applauded her courageous move in the comment section. One of the users wrote that people across the globe only take part in protests when their gut feeling hints to them that something bad has been done. Another user wrote that it is time, the dictatorship should die. While the third user called the singer a power woman.

Meanwhile, more than 75 protestors have been killed and thousands of people have been injured so far during the clashes with the security forces.

Why are Iran women protesting against Hijab laws?

Protests against the hijab laws in Iran erupted when 22-year-old Mahasa Amini died in the custody on September 17 by the morality. The report says that she was detained just because she was wearing the Hijab improperly.

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