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Anupamaa, July 28, 2022 written update: Pakhi humiliates Anupama and calls her black mark on motherhood

Pakhi misbehaves with Anu as soon as she enters her home and tells her to leave.
04:06 PM Jul 29, 2022 IST | APN Live
anupamaa  july 28  2022 written update  pakhi humiliates anupama and calls her black mark on motherhood

Until now, you have seen that Anupama gets a nightmare of being separated from her family, including Anuj, and asks him not to leave her.


Anupama July 28 episode begins with Anupama and Anu praying together while Anuj is fondly looking at them. Pakhi video calls Adhik and lets him know that her family is spoiling things for them. He assures her not to worry about it and tells her that he’s able to understand her feelings. She grins, and they both confess their love for each other and plan to meet outside the college.

On the other hand, Anupama tells Anu the significance of Shravan maas. Barkha is seen to be stressed over Pakhi. Ankush gets stunned when Anuj asks him to bring Adhik to work. Vanraj gives cash to Pakhi and requests her to go by taxi.


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However, as Anuj tells Anu about confronting Barkha and Ankush, Anu overhears their conversation and wonders about what they are talking about. Later, Rakhi comes and lets the Shahs know that she will remain with them until Kinjal’s delivery. Kinjal loses her cool and lashes out at everyone as they begin to argue about the same thing.


On the other hand, Anu and Anupama come in. Pakhi starts shouting at Anupama and asks her for what reason she came to her home when she denied her visit to the Kapadia’s. Kavya asks her not to act like a kid. Pakhi misbehaves with Anu as soon as she enters her home and tells her to leave. Vanraj and Kavya try to stop her, but she doesn’t listen to them.

Anupamaa Next Episode Spoiler-

Pakhi accuses Anu of having an attitude after she became a Kapadia. Anu lashes out at her by saying that children only want to have a helpless and vulnerable mother. On the other hand, Anuj feels that Anu is suffering a lot and this suffering should end quickly.

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