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Are There Any Differences Between Carrom and Crokinole? Find Out Here

11:40 AM Aug 23, 2021 IST | APN Live
are there any differences between carrom and crokinole  find out here

Tabletop games have been famous for a very long time, and roughly so. There are so many games that you can play from this genre. And some of these games are also popular for their virtual or online versions. In this blog, we will talk about Carrom vs. Crokinole and try to explain both the games to you in detail. Both the games are equally exciting, and they have some similarities. Also, carom and crokinole help in bonding with friends and family members.


Playing these games not only keeps you engaged but helps you stay away from useless screen time and scrolling through timelines and feeds. These games come with a lot of uses and advantages. 

For instance, playing carrom will enable quick thinking and analytical thinking. If you can’t focus on work for a long time, it can help. Moreover, it sharpens the mind and boosts creativity. 


What is Carrom?

Carrom, as per Wikipedia, is a game that has its roots here in India. It is a very popular board game, and the online version is also engaging and thrilling. This game helped people during lockdowns, about which you can read here.

This game has cultural and social significance in India, and thousands of people play it. It is played with small round discs and on a square-shaped board. There are many rules and regulations for the online version as well. 


The game’s main objective is to get the discs or strikers to the pockets. It would help if you strategized each of your moves to pocket the strikers. You also need to know which striker carries how many points. A red or pink striker is known as the queen. Carrom involved a lot of reasoning and techniques, which allowed people to up their critical life-based skills. If you download the game on your laptop or mobile, you can indulge yourself in something creative with various positive effects.

These sites are legal as well. You can even challenge friends, family members, or skilled opponents from around the globe. You can play it anywhere and anytime. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you are good to go! Download carrom game online to learn more.

What is Crokinole?

Crokinole is another popular tabletop game where people must flick discs or strikers on a circular wooden board towards a centrally-placed hole. The effectiveness depends on how they are placed on the board at the end of the game. One significant dissimilarity from carrom is that the main aim of a player in this game should also be to remove the opponent’s discs apart from posting their discs. It is played by so many people worldwide and is engaging. 

All you need to do is to disrupt the position of your opponent’s disc while angling your own. It will give you a dose of adrenaline rush as well. It is a competitive game, and you will love exploring it!

The excitement of earning twenty points should get to you. 

Similarities between the two games

  • The boards are portable.
  • Both are made from plywood.
  • Both are indoor tabletop games.
  • Both games are competitive and thrilling.
  • You can play them online and offline.

Comparing Carrom and Crokinole:

Skillset: When it comes to skill, none of the games requires a high-level skill. However, crokinole has the upper hand. You need to learn how to spoil your opponents’ chances of winning. However, players must pot the same colour disc in a carrom game and fight for the queen.

Techniques: Carrom is a more demanding came as far as techniques are concerned. Carrom men can be hit differently, such as thumbshots, forward flicks, etc.

On the other hand, carrom doesn’t involve many techniques. 

Portability: The offline version of carrom includes a large board with a set of coins. It also comes with a striker. However, if you are playing the offline version, you need your mobile phone and a stable Internet connection. It can be pretty challenging to play the offline version otherwise. Also, the online version allows you to challenge your friends sitting in a different city or country altogether. On the other hand, crokinole requires a small board, and it is more portable and accessible.

Accessibility: Given the modern-day virtual gaming world, both games can be played anytime and anywhere. There are various sites where you can play them easily. You can even download the games to play without an Internet connection.

Both are equally exciting.

Team: In crokinole, a minimum and maximum of 2 players can play. On the other hand, in carrom, two players and a maximum of 4 players can play. There are various carrom boards where even six people can play.

Rules: The rules of both games differ from one another. However, if you are playing the online version, we would suggest you go through the rule set before playing the game. There are various kinds of carrom contests that go on weekly and daily in which you can participate.


Which is more enjoyable to play?

It will be easier for you to play crokinole if you do not have experience in playing carrom. However, we suggest you give carrom a shot because it is exciting. 

Which one is more fun to play? 

Both the games are a great source of entertainment and refreshment. Whether you are playing with random strangers across the Internet or playing the offline version with your family members, you will have fun.

Is carrom the same as crokinole?

Carrom is not the same as crokinole, and we have noted the differences in this blog. Even though they look similar, there is a lot of difference in how people play these games.


Both the games are fun and would enhance your skillset! They are a fantastic source of fun and refreshment. So take your pick and start playing!