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Starting at Rs 24,000, Aryan Khan’s clothing line D’YAVOL X gets trolled for high prices

SRK is the brand ambassador of D’YAVOL X and the ad marked his son’s directorial debut, making it all the more exciting for fans.
03:34 PM May 01, 2023 IST | APN Live
starting at rs 24 000  aryan khan’s clothing line d’yavol x gets trolled for high prices

Aryan Khan’s luxury clothing brand’s website went live on Sunday and people were appalled with the extremely high range of prices for the t-shirts and jackets.


The brand, D’YAVOL X, had been creating a lot of hype on social media in the past few weeks since Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan started promoting it. The father-son duo created a lot of buzz with its advertisement as well, where they were seen together and people could not wait to explore the brand associated with the superstar King Khan.

SRK is the brand ambassador of D’YAVOL X and the ad marked his son’s directorial debut, making it all the more exciting for fans.


D’YAVOL X gets trolled over high prices

As soon as the website went live, there was a huge traffic, however, people were quite shocked to learn the prices of the clothes launched on the website.

The brand is termed to be a luxury streetwear collection with casual t-shirts starting at the price of Rs 24,000, and a jacket that is personally signed by Shah Rukh Khan, called the ‘Signature X Jacket’ is being sold at a whopping price of Rs 2 lakhs, as it is a limited collection with only thirty pieces made.


Sweatshirt starts at Rs 33,000

The sweatshirts start at the range of Rs 33,000. The cost of the brand shocked the social media users and all of their excitement turned into disappointment soon after the brand was launched.

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Aryan Khan shared a post on Instagram, in which he was twinning with his father SRK, to announce that the website was live. The fans and social media users were quick to share their feelings in the comment section of the post, after looking at the prices.

Have a look here:

Have a look at social media’s take on D’YAVOL X:

One user wrote, that even if he sells one of his kidneys, it won’t be enough and he’ll have to sell both his kidneys to afford the brand, while others joked that he can only afford the tickets for SRK’s upcoming film Jawaan.

One user shared, just checked the prices, it’s crazy. A middle-class guy can never afford it. Been waiting since the teaser and refreshing the page for the past 1 hour. Bad luck I guess.

Well, Aryan Khan’s brand is definitely a luxe brand targeting elites.

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