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Groom weds bride's sister in dramatic love triangle in Bihar's Saran

A man in Bihar’s Saran district married the sister of his bride-to be after she threatened to commit suicide if he married her sister.
06:04 PM May 04, 2023 IST | APN Live
groom weds bride s sister in dramatic love triangle in bihar s saran

A man in Bihar’s Saran district married the sister of his bride-to be after she threatened to commit suicide if he married her sister.


According to reports, the groom, identified as Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Chhapra, and the woman, Putul were having an affair. However, Kumar was engaged to be wed to Putul’s sister Rinku Kumari in Bihar’s Saran on May 2.

Reports said that as the groom was moving towards the bride’s house accompanied the wedding procession, he received a call from the bride’s sister, Putul Kumari, who threatened to kill herself by jumping off a building if Rajesh Kumar did not her marry her instead of her sister.


Other reports said that the bride and the groom had exchanged the wedding garlands at the mandap (wedding altar) when Putul called Rajesh and the marriage ceremony came to an abrubt halt.

On being questioned by the bride’s family and his own, Rajesh came clean and narrated the twisted love story to shocked guests and relatives. He revealed that Putul and him were in love with each other and wanted to get married. This led to an argument between the bride’s and groom’s families as mayhem ensued at the wedding ceremony leading to the police being called in by some guests at the function who feared something bad might happen.


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Soon, officials from the nearby Manjhi police station arrived and convinced the families to sit down and figure out a solution instead of physically and verbally assaulting each other.

 Rajesh made another revelation as he told the families that he and Putul knew each before he got engaged to her sister Rinku.

He said that Putul would often visit Rajesh in Chhapra, where she had went for her intermediate exam at a college, and the two soon grew close during those meetings and would often talk on the phone for hours.

Rajesh revealed that he and Putul finally professed their love for each other, however, when his marriage to Rinku was fixed, Putul became so disturbed that she would either stop the wedding or commit suicide.

Ultimately, the families decided that it was best for all parties involved that Putul and Rajesh be married and thus came a befitting end to a bizarre yet familiar love story.

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