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MP: 7-year-old boy falls into a well inside house, friend's prudence saved his life, video viral | WATCH

01:13 PM Dec 21, 2022 IST | APN Live
mp  7 year old boy falls into a well inside house  friend s prudence saved his life  video viral   watch

A seven-year-old child had a near death experience but was saved with the help of his friend’s vigil in Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh district.


The boy, Arnav Jain, was playing in the civil ward of Damoh’s Kotwali police station area, during which he fell into a 28 feet deep well inside his house. Meanwhile, his friend Sanyam Jain, who was playing nearby, heard his voice from the well and Arnav’s life was saved by his presence of mind. The video of this incident is also going viral on social media.

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Watch the viral video here:

It was learnt told that Arnav was jumping on top of the in net placed on the well of inside the house in the Civil Ward area of the district. As soon as the boy fell into the well, his friend Sanyam raised his voice and asked him to calm. After this Sanyam rushed inside the house and informed Arnav’s father, Pawan Jain about it. Pawan Jain immediately descended inside the well and pulled Arnav out safely.

Pawan Jain told the cops that the well built in his house is covered with net from all sides, children were playing in the courtyard, when Arnav stood on top of the net, it slipped and Arnav fell straight into the well. The depth of the well is 28 feet, in which about 15 feet of water is filled.

Friend’s vigil saved Arnav’s life

Arnav came out of the well alive only beause of his friend Sanyam’s presence of mind. As soon as Arnav fell into the well, Sanyam called him from outside and advised him to hold the pipe lying in the well, if Arnav had not caught the pipe, he would have drowned in the well and might not have survived, but was saved. Later, Pawan Jain pulled him out of the well safely with the help of a rope.

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