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Are you concerned about your child’s height? Add these food items in your kid’s diet

Are you struggling hard with your child's height? Do you have tried out every medication but are unable to make them taller? If yes, then it is due to a lack of nutrition. Here we are giving you a complete list of essential nutrients that will help to make your child taller, stronger, and sharper.
10:01 AM Jan 23, 2022 IST | APN Live
are you concerned about your child’s height  add these food items in your kid’s diet

Height plays an essential role in the overall personality of a child. Especially if a child is in his growing age this becomes more important. Genetically, some kids are blessed with good height. But, not every child has that extra advantage. Mostly, parents used to struggle a lot for their kids’ height. They tried many medications for their kids but are unable to find any prompt solution for it.


But, do we ever wonder the reasons behind it? Do we ever think after trying many medications why our child is not gaining height? There are many reasons behind it. But, the foremost reason is the lack of a balanced diet.

So, to make your doubts clear, we are dropping you some essential food items that should become a part of your kid’s daily diet.



Soyabean is one of the most essential nutrients that you must give to your child. This is because it is a very good source of protein that will help your child in gaining a good height. You can try out amazing recipes of Soyabean such as soyabean rice, soyabean vegetable to make it more delicious to consume.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Well, it is very important to provide essential nutrients to your child to help them attain a good height. Green Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin c, calcium, potassium, vitamin k will help to make your child healthier. You should at least give them green leafy vegetables once a day to make them stronger and sharper as well.


Dry Fruits

If you want your kid to attain good height, then it is important to give them something that can energize them. So, to make them energized, start giving your child dry fruits, especially almonds. If it is summer, you can soak the almonds overnight and could give them in the morning. However, if it is winter, then you can give them without soaking them. This is because dry fruits are rich in minerals, amino acids, and healthy fats that can help to make your child more healthy.


If you want your child to grow better, then it is essential to give them healthy supplements. Cow milk is one of the best products that you can give to your child. It is rich in protein and minerals that are important for a child’s growth. According to the research, it stimulates the production of hormones known as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). It will help in the development of the bone and muscle tissue of your kid.


Every fruit has its own nutrient content. Seasonal fruit is rich in minerals. They have low-fat content nutrients. These help to boost your kid’s immune system as well as improve metabolism in them. So, you should give them fruits in their daily diet.

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