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10 cocktail ideas to match your New Year’s Eve vibes

As the saying goes, your location on New Year's Eve frequently sets the tone for how you spend the following year. Why not get one of these fantastic New Year's Eve drinks and enjoy it?
04:15 PM Dec 29, 2022 IST | APN Live
10 cocktail ideas to match your new year’s eve vibes

As the saying goes, your location on New Year’s Eve frequently sets the tone for how you spend the following year. Why not get one of these fantastic New Year’s Eve drinks and enjoy it?


Whether you prefer vodka, tequila, or Champagne, we have a drink for you. It’s worth staying up late for our recipes for champagne with confetti, cranberry orange whisky sours, and Moscow Mule punch.

Pomegranate Martini

This recipe swaps out the cosmopolitan’s customary cranberry juice for pomegranate juice, making it more similar to a cosmopolitan than a regular martini.


The ideal beverage to serve at all your holiday events may be made by adding a sugar rim and a fresh rosemary spring.

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Confetti Champagne

Looking for a festive drink to toast the occasion? Look nowhere else!

Due to its sparkling Pop Rocks rim, Confetti Champagne is about as spectacular as a cocktail can get.

Espresso Martini

In recent years, this popular ’90s throwback has gained appeal, and we are all the happier (and more caffeinated) for it.

We adore it as a pre-game beverage to keep us awake all night.

Prosecco Mint Julep

For a low-key Christmas cocktail hour, this festive sparkling beverage is ideal.

Dry sparkling wine adds a nice brightness and effervescence that complements the deep, caramelised tones of bourbon whisky, creating a sort of lightened-up mint julep.

Ginger-Cranberry Whiskey Sour

Punchy ginger flavour and tart cranberry juice are featured in this winter-appropriate whisky sour.

Although it just calls for a few simple ingredients, it is packed with powerful, vibrant flavours that go nicely with savoury holiday appetisers like baked brie and bacon-wrapped dates.


These peppermint-bark-inspired cocktails are shaken, not stirred, and have a handcrafted chocolate and peppermint rim.

To create them, combine white chocolate liqueur, vodka, peppermint schnapps, and heavy cream in a cocktail shaker with ice. Already, we have a festive mood!

Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour

This is our go-to cocktail this holiday season since we yearn for cranberry drinks all season long.

The whisky and ginger beer give it warmth and spice, while the cranberry and citrus add freshness and tartness.

Chirstmas Punch

A large pitcher of punch is the best way to spice up a holiday gathering, and we adore this punch any day of the year (especially NYE).

Instead of using all the additional sugar that is used in many punch recipes, this Christmas punch gets its natural sweetness from apple cider. You may make a classy, festive punch for your next party by combining unsweetened cranberry juice with ginger beer’s spice and sharpness.

Brandy Alexander

At your upcoming dinner party, be sure to include this vintage dessert cocktail. Additionally, creating a Brandy Alexander couldn’t be simpler:

For a chic and opulent post-dinner cocktail, just combine brandy, dark crème de cacao, and heavy cream in equal proportions. Imagine it as a drunken, really upscale chocolate milkshake.

Lemon-Poppy Seed Drop

This upbeat cocktail strikes the ideal blend of citrus and nutty poppy seed flavour by combining our love of sweet-tart lemon drop martinis and spring-like lemon poppy seed muffins.

Want to add more flavour to your cocktail? It’s usually a good idea to flavour your simple syrup, and we think this cocktail would work nicely with a lavender, rosewater, or citrus peel version. Any leftovers taste fantastic in iced tea or cold brew!

Tiramisu White Russians

This White Russian with Italian flavouring falls in between a cocktail and a dessert.

Looking to upgrade for the holidays? This luscious beverage can be enhanced with a splash of orange bitters, a pinch of crushed cinnamon, or some freshly grated nutmeg.

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