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Daljit Virk founder of Enliven Group  guides people through occult science courses

Daljit Kaur Virk, a life coach Master Healer with 23 years of experience, helps clients handle personal and professional issues through his in-person & online sessions.
04:47 PM Apr 11, 2022 IST | APN
daljit virk founder of enliven group  guides people through occult science courses

Daljit  Virk, a life coach Master Healer with 23 years of experience, helps clients handle personal and professional issues through his in-person & online sessions.


Crediting her wide experience in healing, Daljit Virk, Co-Founder of Enliven Group, has been offering constant assistance to thousands of people whose professional and personal lives were on the verge of falling. People have benefited from her lessons by using them in their daily lives. A trained Life and Business Coach, a Master Healer, and a Solution Finder who has helped people find the perfect solution for their life’s issues.

Currently, she has been offering 110 virtual courses on different subjects of life across 30+ countries, helping more then3 lakh families with constant growth. Not just he is offering online coaches, but before this pandemic, she has provided offline assistance to many. People have joined her on her quest for answers to life’s most urgent concerns, such as ‘where our current circumstances will take us, should we blame God for our suffering, what happens after death, and what exactly is karma’.


If you are uncomfortable addressing your concerns in front of a large group, you can attend one of his one-on-one sessions. And have a detailed discussion about their difficulties, ensuring that no one leaves without receiving an answer or a solution to their difficulties.

To share her vast knowledge, she has decided to launch new occult science courses at a very low price of thousand rupees, compared to the market pricing of twenty thousand to thirty thousand rupees for the same course. Learning from him would be a fantastic chance and a win-win situation for anyone who takes up this course.


For the past 23 years, constantly she has been researching esoteric sciences and human mind powers. she used her understanding to create a ground-breaking therapy process known as ‘Cosmic Energy Healing,’ which is noted for its quick recovery and outcomes. she has also created several cosmic energy healing symbols that are widely used by healers and masters around the world.

Daljit Virk claims to have counseled individuals on how to improve their professional relationships and overall quality of life. she has given professional training on how to enhance connection, conflict resolution, and all other significant life domains. His lessons will provide you with new perspectives on those seemingly insurmountable situations that create so much misery and frustration.

To deal with stress during the pandemic, she has been assisting police officers, physicians, and frontline workers with his stress management skills. she’s a master healer who specializes in sound and frequency, and she’s in charge of equipment that helps people heal, such as Planetary Gongs and Singing Bowls.

With her extensive research, she has invented ‘Modern Meditation Techniques. Her ‘walking meditation’ and ‘zero-thinking meditation’ have gained a lot of traction among the general population. she has not only kept his knowledge to herself, but she has also trained hundreds of energy healers around the world who are assisting humanity and spreading hope and happiness. she not only works for the wealthy, but she is also giving free advice to Africa’s impoverished, teaching them about mental health, and offering them free therapeutic sessions.

To learn about the power of healing, one can seek her guidance and can choose her online coaching through her YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even her website which has all the details. Daljit Virk with her years of experience is an excellent individual to seek aid from if you are looking for real answers about life because she employs the power of occult science to handle all of your life difficulties.

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