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The Data Protection Bill will stop misuse of customer data and punish offenders, says IT MoS

According to government sources, a new data protection measure will be presented to Parliament during its winter session.
06:25 PM Nov 15, 2022 IST | APN Live
the data protection bill will stop misuse of customer data and punish offenders  says it mos

The proposed Data Protection Bill will stop the misuse of customer data and will penalise the violators, said Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Tuesday.


The minister for state made the above remarks in response to Google’s settlement of a US inquiry. The investigation found that the Internet giant deceived customers and continued tracking their locations even after they opted out of the location tracking system. Teh Oregon Department of Justice said that Google has agreed to resolve the complaint and that it would pay about $392 million (approximately Rs 3,178 crore).

In a tweet made by Chandrasekhar, he said that his time of misuse of customer data violates privacy and date protection expectations. India’s Digital Date Protection bill will end this and will ensure that any platform or intermediary app that violates the bill will be penalised and will face financial consequences.

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The government withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill from Lok Sabha in August and announced it would introduce a series of fresh legislations that would be compatible with the overall legal framework.

According to government sources, a new data protection measure will be presented to Parliament during its winter session.

Over 95 per cent of the Indian smartphone market is dominated by Google’s Android. The Oregon Department of Justice elaborated on the settlement, stating that location data is a crucial component of Google’s digital advertising business. The business creates complete user profiles and targets adverts using the behavioural and personal information it gathers. Location information is perhaps some of the most delicate and important personal data that Google gathers.

Even a small bit of location information can be utilised to infer personal information and reveal a person’s identify and routines. The US attorneys general determined that Google has misled customers about its location monitoring methods since at least 2014, in violation of state consumer protection laws. According to the statement, ‘Google specifically misled its customers about the degree to which they may limit Google’s location tracking by modifying their account and device settings.’

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