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Bank holidays 2022: From Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti to Christmas, here's list of bank holidays in December

04:52 PM Dec 11, 2022 IST | APN Live
bank holidays 2022  from guru gobind singh jayanti to christmas  here s list of bank holidays in december

If you are someone who is planning to visit banks in the upcoming days, this article might help you as there are a few holidays lineup under which the banks across various states/regions will not be operational. To help the customers further, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) shares the details about the upcoming bank holidays in December on its official website, under which it has informed the customers that the banks will remain closed for nine days during this month.


The closing of banks includes second Saturdays, Sundays and several festivals that line up for upcoming days. To know the dates of all the holidays that coming on this month, we have created a list, mentioning on which day for what occasion the banks will remain shut.

Take a look at the list of bank holidays for December 2022 here

3 December:  Feast of St. Francis Xavier


4 December: Sunday

5 December: Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections 2022


10 December: Second Saturday

11 December: Sunday

12 December: Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma

18 December: Sunday

19 December: Goa Liberation Day

24 December: Christmas Festival

24 December: Fourth Saturday

25 December:  Sunday/Weekend

26 December: Christmas Celebration/Losoong/Namsoong 26

29 December: Guru Gobind Singh Ji Birthday 29

30 December: U Kiang Nangbah 30

31 December: New Year’s Eve

Amid this, there also has been mentioned that the holidays will come into effect under three categories that include holidays under Negotiable Instruments, holidays under negotiable instruments Act and real-time gross settlement holidays, and Banks’ closing of accounts.

Meanwhile, bank users can use online and net banking services which will remain functional during this time.

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