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Delhi family held hostage at gunpoint, robbed of Rs 1.3 crore cash, 2 kg gold: Police

11:26 AM May 09, 2023 IST | APN Live
delhi family held hostage at gunpoint  robbed of rs 1 3 crore cash  2 kg gold  police

A Delhi businessman and his family were robbed of Rs 1.3 crore cash and 2 kg gold by a group of armed robbers who broke into their home and held the family hostage during wee hours on early Saturday morning, officials said on Tuesday.


According to the police, five armed robbers, broke into the residence of a businessman in northwest Delhi’s Ashok Vihar at around 2 am on Saturday and held the family hostage at gunpoint.

They said that the victim runs a paper trading business and is the son of an affluent contractor.


Giving details, a senior police officer said that the five robbers, donning masks to hide their identity and armed with guns and sharp-edged weapons, snuck into the businessman’s home by cutting down the bars on the windows, stormed into the family’s bedroom who were asleep at the time and held the family members, including children hostage at gunpoint after rounding them up in a room.

The officer said that as per the victim’s complaint, two of the robbers held them in the room with a gun pointed at them while the other three assailants searched the house for cash and valuables.


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Citing the family’s complaint, the officer said that the theives decamped with Rs 1.3 crore in cash and over 2 kilos of gold from the businessman’s house and before leaving the house, the robbers warned the family of dire consequences if they reported the incident to the cops.

He said that the family members finally managed to free themselves after the attackers left and filed a complaint with the police.

As per the police, security camera footage showed the robbers exiting the property at around 2:45 am.

They said that the suspects had scouted the area days before committing the robbery and had pre-planned the entire thing, adding that the thieves had also tampered with the security cameras in and around the property which has led the cops to suspect that an insider might have been involved in the incident.

Further investigation is ongoing, they said.

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