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Delhi groom beats up his friends for troubling him on stage, bride's reaction shocks people

The bride's reaction of calming down her future husband was a stand out for all.
05:31 PM Mar 15, 2023 IST | APN Live
delhi groom beats up his friends for troubling him on stage  bride s reaction shocks people

A shocking but hilarious video has come to the fore from New Delhi, where a groom was seen thrashing his friend for troubling him non-stop while he was sitting on stage with the bride.


In Bollywood movies, marriage is shown like a dream wedding. After seeing the weddings shown in films, people expect to be the same in real life as well. However, the reality is a lot different from films. Those marriages look good only in films. If in real life you will see the events happening during the marriage, then for sure at least once your mind will also get up from your own wedding. The current viral video definitely shows the same.

Watch the video here:


Moreover, the beauty of marriage is with friends only, but what will you do if these friends become a headache for you? Will not do this at all, as the groom did in this video. In the video you can see that the groom is sitting on the stage with his bride. Then his friends come on stage and start joking with him.

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The groom tolerates his friends for a while, but when he is unable to tolerate it, he gets up in the middle and starts fighting with his friends. Seeing this behavior of the groom, the bride also gets nervous, but after this, everyone is surprised to see the way the bride calms her future husband.

After this video went viral, people are praising the bride. They are saying that if everyone gets such a wife then life will become perfect. At the same time, some social media users are also seen giving their funny reactions on the video and also talked about how the most special day of your life can turn into a nightmare for silly reasons.

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