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Viral: Dog travels atop car roof in Bengaluru, social media users demand action against driver | WATCH

The now-viral video has enraged internet users and sparked a debate on road safety and on animal abuse
11:15 AM Feb 04, 2023 IST | APN Live
viral  dog travels atop car roof in bengaluru  social media users demand action against driver   watch

Several funny videos of dogs go viral on the social media platforms every other day, but have you ever seen a dog travelling on the top of a car. Most people’s answer would be no, however, a video is going viral on social media, in which a dog is sitting peacefully on top of a moving car on the road of Bangalore.


The video was shared on Twitter by a user named Forever Bengaluru on Thursday.

Watch the viral video here:


The caption of the post read ‘Just Bengaluru Things.’ Also, the post has been viewed more than 159,2000 times so far. Apart from this, the video has been retweeted 1,030 times and shared 1,030 times. The viral video has enraged internet users and sparked a debate on road safety and animal abuse. Twitter users have criticized the driver of the car for putting the dog in danger. Along with this, they are also demanding action against the driver.

Appropriate action against driver should be taken

The video has divided the social media users. Many social media users are giving their reactions to the video. One user wrote that this was not a joke, man. Another user wrote that the number plate of the car is clearly visible, the driver should get a warning from the police. One wrote that this is definitely a wrong thing to do, just because animals cannot speak the humans have no right to put animals in risky situations. The car driver should be properly advised against it. One user wrote that people who cannot keep pets should be banned and that he was very surprised to see this, the poor animal would be scared. Does the driver have the guts to do this to his son or daughter, the social media user wonders.

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