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Murder by machine: Dosa printer, yeah, printer, has internet agog, purists frown

Evochef’s dosa printer only turns a prepared batter into a Dosa, which is pretty easy if you ask a cook.
06:28 PM Aug 25, 2022 IST | APN Live
murder by machine  dosa printer  yeah  printer  has internet agog  purists frown

As the world moves toward innovation and technology, science hasn’t left the world of food behind. A smart kitchen automation company, Evochef, has launched the world’s first fully automatic dosa printer.


The new automatic dosa printer came to light after a Twitter user uploaded a tweet of the ad video of the automatic dosa printer while sharing their amusement.

Much like the name, the dosa printer actually looks like a printer but instead of paper, it prints delicious dosas. It is fitting to say that whoever invented the machine is probably hell-bent on turning the utopian kid’s show into a reality. This new invention is a testament to how machines will take over soon and that might not necessarily be a bad thing.


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Evochef’s automatic dosa printer is being sold on their website for a price of Rs 15,999 and the dosa printer comes in various colour variants which might help with keeping the aesthetic of the kitchen intact while also giving it an edge of smartness over other kitchens.

The problem, however, is with the dosa printer’s limited application as the printer doesn’t help with soaking and grinding dal, which many say is ninety per cent of the making process whereas making the dosa is the easy part.

Evochef’s dosa printer only turns a prepared batter into a Dosa, which is pretty easy if you ask a cook.

The video of the invention has been taking rounds on the internet as many have joined hands to share their amusement while others strongly criticised the machine.

Tweeple who were happy about this new innovation shared their amusement as one user wrote how living alone and making a Dosa is a task of its own and added that this would only streamline the process, whereas another user remarked how this invention might help the cook of the family to not sacrifice their dinner time to make fresh Dosa’s as the Dosa printer would do it for them instantly and the cook can join the table and enjoy time with their family.

Others who thought the invention was bad, informed and echoed the views of the batter-making process being the hardest part and added that it would have been a good invention if it had also been mindful of the batter-making process and eliminated it as well.

Some users took a satirical tone to the Dosa printer as one user drew parallels from Ink printers and asked if the batter gets jammed does one have to print a test Idli?

As the foods of the world unite in the hands of science, it will be appropriate to say that one wouldn’t mind having tasty food without spending a lot on ordering from restaurants. The science world has already introduced us to inventions ranging from chapati makers to waffle makers and whatnot. If this is how the machines choose to take over, many might not have a problem at all.

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