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After grand success of MBA Chaiwala, Bihar youth opens tea stall in Patna named Dubai Return Chaiwala

Overall, around 64% of the total population in India drinks tea.
01:39 PM Sep 27, 2022 IST | APN Live
after grand success of mba chaiwala  bihar youth opens tea stall in patna named dubai return chaiwala

We all have been listening to one of the famous dilogues from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Raees where he said that Koi dhandha chota nahi hota aur dhandhe se bada koi dharm nhi hota. It seems like Dubai return youth in Bihar took it seriously and opened a tea stall in Patna, giving tough competition to the famous MBA Chaiwala.


A video of Dubai Return Chaiwala owner’s conversation with a local reporter in Patna is doing rounds on social media.

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The video shows a tea stall covered with a board featuring the name Dubai Return Chaiwala along with the price list and slogan Chai se mohabbat hai aur meri mohabbat lajawaab hai. The board also mentioned that the owner will donate 20% of his income to the poor.

In the video, Taresh Shrivastava, the owner of Dubai Return Chaiwala, can be seen explaining the startup’s idea to a local news reporter. Talking to the reporter, he said that he had gone to Dubai in 2019 and returned to India just a month ago. He had decided to open a tea stall four years back when he had come to Patna to make a passport. He had come to Dubai to fulfil his parent’s dream, the Dubai Return Chaiwala owner told the reporter.

The idea of opening a tea stall in Patna was in his mind for the past three years. It is a matter of pride for him to serve tea and it is not about money, it is all about his love for chai, the owner said in the video.

Shrivastava also told the reporter that it is the first time in Patna that the chai lover could not only drink tea but also eat the cup. He has only 2 varieties – vanilla and chocolate. A person could be charged Rs 50 for this in a cafe, but the Dubai Return Chaiwala is giving you cup-chai for just Rs 25, he also told the reporter.

Reports claimed that close to 88% of the total households in India, the second largest tea producer in the world, have reported consumption of tea. Overall, around 64% of the total population in India drinks tea.

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