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Duck duck go where? Birds block car from moving on highway

Traffic is unusually heavy on Mondays but an employee has gone late due to a very funny reason. Here's the reason
02:36 PM Aug 22, 2022 IST | apn news
duck duck go where  birds block car from moving on highway

The office employees usually reached office late due to several reasons and every employee has his own reasons for being late to the office. However, an employee has gone late due to a very funny reason.


Traffic is unusually heavy on Mondays but one person got stuck on the road because of his car was surrounded by hundreds of ducks, who even stopped the entire traffic on the stretch of the road.

Hundreds of ducks surrounding one particular car from Damnthatsinteresting


The video, recorded by a person sitting inside the car that is in front of the white car, has gone viral on social media platform Reddit and has received more than 65,000 upvotes.

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Adorable footage shows the water birds taking over the control of an unknown highway as they are moving around the car, not letting it move an inch.

The 14-second clip shows a sea of ducks on an unnamed road around a white car and the driver is not able to move at all.

In the video, some cars can also bee seen waiting for their turn to move ahead but the entire stretch of the road was full of ducks.

The location of the road has not been identified yet.

The user who posted the video asked ‘duck experts’ to explain the phenomenon. Not a duck expert but it looks like each duck is just following the one in front of it, which leads them all in a circle, another user replied.

Why were you late today? It was the ducks, sir, a user commented while another user said the Duck Council has spoken and judgment has been passed.

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