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Happy French Toast Day: Quick and easy french toast homemade recipes

The National French toast day is celebrated on November 28 across the United States.
02:36 PM Nov 28, 2022 IST | APN Live
happy french toast day  quick and easy french toast homemade recipes

Did you know that french toasts, one of the most popular delicacies, have its own day? The National French toast day is celebrated on November 28 across the United States. In fact, the American encyclopedia of food and drink primarily includes the phrase French toast, and it is a staple of the American breakfast diet.


Nowadays Indians have adopted tonnes from the west. We have borrowed their style of food and fashion to a great extent. Not only this but we also celebrate and party like them.

So, on this National French Toast Day, try the list of recipes from Fruity Pebble French Toast to Crock-Pot French Toast.


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Fruity Pebble French Toast

Are you ready to enjoy a colourful delight on this special day dedicated to french toast? The fruity pebble french toast is a classic french toast filled with the goodness of sweet and crispy coating made up of cereals. The crunchy base and the taste of mixed fruits make it the kids’ favourite breakfast.



This is a unique french toast that holds the Portuguese hallmark. It is entirely different from American french toast. Rather than having it for breakfast, this is a beautiful dessert option. This is best enjoyed with a glass of port wine.

Jelly doughnut french toast

This is a french toast dressed up with thick layers of jelly. Making Jam Jelly doughnut french toast is incredibly simple. Jelly doughnut french toast is creative to bake in 10 minutes toast.

Pumpkin French Toast

The fluffy french toast made up with pumpkin batter makes this pumpkin french toast the best breakfast for cool mornings. This classic toast is blended with a perfect pumpkin twist.

Crock-Pot French Toast

This is an easy overnight french toast for crispy mornings. The crock pot version of toast adds a good crunchy texture and a real flavour.

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