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Men pose as municipal officials to steal motorcycles in Delhi, guard catches them

05:54 PM Sep 27, 2022 IST | APN Live
men pose as municipal officials to steal motorcycles in delhi  guard catches them

A funny yet serious incident has been reported from Delhi’s Kalkaji Extension on Tuesday, where two men posed as top municipal officers and stole a delivery agent’s motorcycle. Their mission was about to accomplish, but unfortunately, a guard caught them and ruined their plan.


In order to escape from the spot, thiefs also rammed the stolen vehicle into the colony’s gate when the guard tried to stop them by closing the main gate.

Residents of Everest apartments in south Delhi revealed that initially, they felt something fishy about both men. They said that the way both were talking with peopl and each other already gave them a hint that they both were hiding something or they might not belong from any official position in the municipal department.


Around 2 pm, when both find a perfect opportunity to escape from the location, they stole the motorcycle of a delivery agent who left the key in the ignition and went to drop off the parcel and ran. Seeing them stealing the vehicle, a guard immediately chased them and closed the main gate due to which they got struck on it and fell to the ground.

Amid all of this, area police from Govindpuri also reached the scene after being informed by the society residents. Police arrested one man, while another one successfully fled from the spot.


Meanwhile, this is not the first time such an incident come into the limelight. Earlier, a thief who poses as a policeman looted a businessman from south Delhi. The crime has been committed in broad daylight when the accused asked the victim that he wanted to check his grocery store just to know if he secretly supplies liquor or not.

Later, when he left, the businessman witnessed that the money he has earned throughout the day had been gone. He approached the nearest police station and filed an FIR for the same.

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