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Flipkart apologises for promoting kitchen appliances on Women's Day

Flipkart has issued an official apology following online backlash for its message on Women's Day that was found to be sexist and tone-deaf.
02:10 PM Mar 09, 2022 IST | Mokshika Sharma
flipkart apologises for promoting kitchen appliances on women s day

Flipkart has issued an official apology following online backlash for its message on Women’s Day that was found to be sexist and tone-deaf. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on March 8, Flipkart sent put a text message to its customers that wished them a happy women’s day and to celebrate them, promoted kitchen appliances.


Whatever Flipkart’s intention behind the message had been, social media users found it to be highly stereotypical and problematic. And well deservingly, Flipkart faced major backlash. In the apology issued on their official Twitter handle, Flipkart accepted that they messed up and added that they are sorry. They went on to say that they did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments and apologised for the Women’s Day message that was shared.

Users bombarded Twitter with their disapproval. One user wrote that the message was offensive and went on to ask why are women being identified with kitchen appliances only. They added that the whole world is for women and kitchen is certainly not their whole world. Another user pointed out the irony of the whole situation as Women’s Day was being celebrated by promoting, perpetuating and celebrating gender roles.


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Some users also exclaimed that men never get such offers on Men’s day for even razors.

Not only Flipkart, Tweeple also shared other demeaning examples of other perpetuated negative gender stereotypes. One user pointed out a notification from Paytm that indirectly called women forgetful. Another text message from Wonderchef was also shared.

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Apart from this Women’s Day gaffe, Flipkart’s customers also speak up about various issues faced by them on social media. Many people have also claimed the E-commerce website to be fraud.

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