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Foods that will keep your tummy cool and body healthy in summer

06:51 PM Mar 05, 2019 IST | APN Live
foods that will keep your tummy cool and body healthy in summer

Summer is the time to switch from heavy woollen clothes to comfortable cotton wears, from long leathery boots to light flip-flops. The wind, the weather and our mood, everything changes with the change in temperature. This is the time when our tummy asks for a change in our food habits too.


It is very important for us to welcome this season with precaution and safety because the chances of dehydration, constipation, viral fever, digestion issues etc. are high throughout the summer days.

To avoid these health issues it is necessary to keep our body fit and cool. During summer we should avoid fatty and fried foods, as they tend to heat up our body. And we should consume foods that are rich in water and nutrients.


This season brings ample of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables with lots of health benefits.

Here are foods that we should add in our diet list during summer.



Red, juicy, sweet and watery watermelon is best among all the other summer fruits, because it contains 92 per cent water that helps to fulfil the maximum amount of body’s water requirement. It is also infused with vitamin A and anti-oxidants that keeps our skin and body healthy.


Curd contains probiotics which are essential to keep good bacteria in your stomach healthy. It also helps to cure digestion issues and cools the stomach.

Curd can be eaten in different ways, we can consume it by adding sugar or salt in it or we can make chaach, lassi, raita etc. it can be added in curries as well.


Cucumber helps in keeping constipation at bay. The water content in this vegetable is high which keep our body cool. In Indian houses, it can be seen on almost every dining table during summer.

Remember the saying ‘as cool as cucumber’ in summer days and say cool during the hot weather.

Coconut water

During hot summer days, coconut water is very beneficial for everyone. It contains potassium, electrolytes and plenty of nutrients that keep our body hydrated and healthy.


Mint is also known as pudina in India. It helps to reduce gastric acids and heat in the stomach.

Adding mint in curd, chaach or in raita could give added benefits. The most famous dish of mint in India that is loved by all is delicious pudine ki chutney.

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