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Free the nipple: Meta to lift ban from breast images on Facebook, Instagram

The board in its recommendations said that the old policy is based on a binary view of gender and a distinction between male and female bodies.
12:53 PM Jan 19, 2023 IST | APN Live
free the nipple  meta to lift ban from breast images on facebook  instagram

Reportedly, Meta’s independent oversight board has finally decided to lift its strict no-nipple rule. Following a decade long Free The Nipple campaign, now Instagram and Facebook has strike off ban on bare breasts photos. The board suggested to take down the old policy so that it is governed by clear criteria that respect international human rights standards.


The oversight board, which is composed of academics, journalists and politicians advised the tech firm to change its adult nudity and sexual activity community standard on January 17. According to The Guardian, the recommendations made by the board are binding and Meta is most likely to follow them. 

If reports are to be believed then, the board in its recommendations said that the old policy is based on a binary view of gender and a distinction between male and female bodies. This does not only creates a gender bias but also makes rules about baring nipples unclear for for the ones not identify as women.  


The recommendations further states that the old policy hinders inclusivity on the platforms, especially for intersex, women, transgenders, and non-binary people. Moreover, the change in Meta’s strict policy will come after, the organization took down two Instagram posts featuring transgender and non-binary people with bare chests. 

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For the unversed, Meta’s strict nudity policy has been a part of intense debate for a decade now over its strict guidelines in cutting the exposure of women’s nipples. The policy has often come in the way of breastfeeding women who had to censure their content. Free The Nipple movement began in 2000 in an attempt to de-sexualise the image of breasts. The act went mainstream in 2012 after Facebook took down clips from the actor/director Lina Esco’s documentary Free the Nipple. 

The move was heavily criticised and several protests had broken out at Facebook headquarters, demanding the right for women to bare their breasts on social media with consent. However, CEO Mark Zuckerburg tried to justified the act in 2018 saying that it is easier to build an AI system to detect a nipple than to decide what an hate speech is.

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