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Gangster Raju Theth shot dead, had enmity with Anand Pal-Bishnoi gang

Rumours suggested that Raju Theth was planning to leave the world of crime and join politics.
12:10 PM Dec 03, 2022 IST | APN Live
gangster raju theth shot dead  had enmity with anand pal bishnoi gang

Gangster Raju Theth has been shot dead in Sikar, Rajasthan. 6 miscreants shot him near his own house. It is being told that Theth was having enmity with Anand Pal gang and Bishnoi gang. Rohit Godara of Lawrence Bishnoi has claimed responsibility for the murder.


After receiving the information of of Raju Theth’s murder, top police officers reached the spot and barricaded the entire district. There have been reports of three bullet injuries to the gangster. The borders of Haryana and Jhunjhunu have also been sealed. Rumours suggested that Raju Theth was planning to leave the world of crime and join politics.

Raju Theth entered the world of crime in 1995


Raju Theth name has been popular even before gangster Anand Pal Singh became a criminal. Moreover, even after the death of Singh, the name of Raju Theth was enough for bullying in Rajasthan. Facts suggest that he entered the world of crime in 1995. At that time, BJP’s Bhairon Singh government was loosing its charm and President’s rule was in forced in Rajasthan. The SK College of Sikar was the political center of Shekhawati. ABVP dominated the college. And Gopal Phogat was associated with liquor business and used to visit ABVP a lot. And that’s when Raju Theth met him and started working with Phogat.

Theth used to own illegal liquor business


While working with Phogat, Raju Theth met Balbir Banuda. In the year 1998, Balbir Banuda and Raju, together carried out the Bhebharam massacre in Sikar. It was from here that the gang war started in Shekhawati. From 1998 to 2004, Banuda and Raju Theth started running illegal business of liquor in Shekhawati. If someone involved in this business did not work according to them they got them killed or removed from their way.

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