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Ghazipur man mercilessly beats woman, forces her to lick spit from floor | WATCH

11:17 AM Dec 08, 2022 IST | APN Live
ghazipur man mercilessly beats woman  forces her to lick spit from floor   watch

A blood-curdling video has been reported from Ghazipur, where a man was seen beating a woman mercilessly with a stick, showering hard blows and forcing her to lick her spit from the floor. The report says that the accused Brijesh Yadav, chief of gram panchayat thrashed the woman over a heated argument.


The whole incident has been shared by an internet user Priya Singh on Twitter. She also captioned her post in Hindi that reads a shocking behavior with a girl, where he is beating a girl, asking her to lick her spit. The user also added in her caption that revealed the incident reported from Bhala’s old village of Bahariabad police station area of Ghazipur.

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Take a look at the viral video of Ghazipur where a man beats a girl ferociously

In the video, it can be seen that a man in a white shirt, holding a white stick beating a lady in a black suit. As the video moves further, it shows him abusing her, exposing her by removing her dupatta and beating her with the stick. He was also seen forcing the woman to spit on the floor and asking her to lick it from there.

Ever since the video shared on the internet, it has garnered a lot of views and reshare in no time. Seeing the horific video, angry tweeple also bombarded in the comment section in order to share their views about the same.

One of the users commented in Hindi that reads police needed to arrest the man as soon as possible. The user also requested the government to take strict action against him so that such incidents do not come in the future. Another user called the offender an animal who does not know how to behave with humans.

Meanwhile, it is not confirmed yet if the police have taken any action regarding the same or not.

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