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Gujarat man gets stuck under an elephant statue at a temple, video goes viral | Watch

01:18 PM Dec 06, 2022 IST | APN Live
gujarat man gets stuck under an elephant statue at a temple  video goes viral   watch

A strange incident has been reported from Gujarat, where a man got stuck under big elephant statue in a temple while offering resecting to it. The report says he was performing a ritual when the incident took place. A viral of him also went viral on all the social media platforms where he was seen struggling hard to get out of it.


An internet user named Nitin shared the viral clip on Twitter. He also captioned his post where he wrote that any kind of excessive bhakti is injurious to health.

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Take a look at the viral video of a man got stuck temple’s elephant statue

The video starts with a man who can be seen lying under a big elephant statue, struggling to pass through it by forcing his both hands and legs. However, after spending minutes doing so, he failed. As the video moves further, it shows several people surrounding him trying to help him to get out. The clip also showed a priest in a safron shawl helping him to move ahead but unfortunately, nothing works.

Later, it has been reported that after a few hours, he got out with the help of the crowd.

Ever since the video was shared on the internet, it has gained a lot of views and likes in no time. Many internet users were also bombarded in the comment section in order to share their views about the incident.

One of the users commented that the clip has been generated from Narmada Mandir, Amarkantak MP. The user further wrote that people only get stuck there only if they committed many sins in their lives. Another user wrote that as per the old beliefs you pass through you are a good man otherwise you will be stuck. While the third user asked people to share the link to the full video in the comment section.

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