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Holi 2023: Delhi Police puts out traffic advisory, check details

A day ahead of Holi, Delhi traffic police share an advisory so that people could celebrate the festival without any problem.
05:35 PM Mar 07, 2023 IST | APN Live
holi 2023  delhi police puts out traffic advisory  check details

A day ahead of Holi, Delhi traffic police share an advisory so that people could celebrate the festival without any problem. Police also said that on the special; occasion, they have made some arrangements in order to provide extra safety for motorcyclists and pedestrians, ensuring that the city will remain witness a smooth traffic flow.


As per the advisory, more than 150 police personnel, more than 800 traffic police personnel and 9,000 local police staff will be deployed. All of them will keep an extra eye on everyone, ensuring that people do not commit or create a ruckus on road. Apart from this, an special team of security forces has been introduced, which will close watching 287 major intersections and 233 drunken and vulnerable points for Holi.

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Take a look at the Delhi Traffic police advisory

While sharing the safety arrangements news among people, Delhi traffic police tweeted that in view of the festival of Holi (Dhulendi) on March 08, 2023, elaborate traffic arrangements have been made by the Delhi Traffic Police. Please obey the traffic rules and enjoy the festival of joy.

Supreme Court also directed that if anyone will find violating the traffic rules, breaking road safety protocols, red-light jumping, drunken driving, tripling on a two-wheeler, using a mobile phone while driving, or over-speeding, they will be fined along with seizure driving license or both. Amid this, police requested every resident to drive as per the prescribed speed on road to avoid any accidents and asked them to Obey traffic signals.

Uttar Pradesh Police also tweeted in Hindi view of Holi that reads all the drivers are requested not to consume intoxicants while driving. Please drive carefully, follow the traffic rules. Traffic Directorate, UP wishes you a pleasant, safe and prosperous journey.

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