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Hyderabad University suspends professor accused of molesting foreign student, detained by Cyberabad Police

On Saturday, a large number of students raised slogans and also protested in the university campus.
07:33 PM Dec 03, 2022 IST | APN Live
hyderabad university suspends professor accused of molesting foreign student  detained by cyberabad police

A case of alleged molestation of an international student (of foreign origin) by a Hindi professor has come to light in the University of Hyderabad main campus. Hundred of Students have sat on protested in the University of Hyderabad campus on Saturday.


Cyberabad police have taken the professor into custody after the complaint was filed in the University and the outrage reached the internet. After the professor was detained, the Hyderabad University has condemned the incident and suspended the accused professor.

Earlier, Shilpavalli of Hyderabad Police’s DCP Madhapur told that the Cyberabad Police of Telangana has taken a professor of Hyderabad University into custody on charges of molesting a foreign student. The student is a resident of Thailand and is doing her graduation from the University of Hyderabad. The matter is being thoroughly investigated by the Telangana Police.


Accused professor has been suspended with immediate effect

The University of Hyderabad has also issued an official statement regarding the entire episode. The university administration said that the institution condemns the incident that took place on December 2 between Professor Ravi Ranjan, Department of Hindi, and the foreign student. Based on the criminal complaint and FIR, the accused professor has been placed under suspension with immediate effect.

There was anger among the students since this incident. On Saturday, a large number of students raised slogans and also protested in the university campus. Several pictures from the protest has reached the internet. And tweeple have not only expressed their grief towards the foreign student but have also condemned the professor for turning into a nightmare.

Several users tweeted in anger and wrote that in a society where teachers, who are said to be our morale guide and mentors will only turn into a horror, where will this society moving towards. Another user wrote that in times like these we realize why it is so important to have a better way to appoint teachers and have a regular check on them.

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