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Turkish ice cream vendors, are you watching? Here's competition

06:22 PM Jan 19, 2023 IST | APN Live
turkish ice cream vendors  are you watching  here s competition

Have you ever had Turkish ice cream? If yes, then you probably know how the survey it. First, they tease you and make you go nuts about it, and after you lose hope of getting it, then they give you and let you eat in peace. A similar video is doing rounds on social media, but the twist is it is not ice cream, it is chai that is being served by a shopkeeper in the same style.


An internet user named Sawaz Khan shared the clip on Instagram. The clip also shows a caption on it that reads Turkish ice cream vendors got competition.

Take a look at the viral video of Turkish style chai vendor

In the video, it can be seen that a man holding a jug filled with tea. As the clip moves further it shows him adapting the Turkish ice cream vendor’s style, putting the tea from the jar into the cups from a decent height. He gave the teacup to a man who was seen passing it to another man. Then he again does the same and this time he pours the whole tea that the customer. The footage ends with a man who was seen breaking his own chair after the seller spills the on him.

Ever since the clip was shared on the internet, it has garnered more than a million views, thousands of likes, and shares in no time. Many social media users also shared their opinion about the same under the comment section.

One of the users wrote that at least the Indian chaiwala is more creative than the Turkish one. Another user commented Chacha agli video main chai main dubake mar denge kisiko (Uncle might kill someone by drowning him in the tea next time). While the third user sarcastically asked the users to support the Indian talent.

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