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Kanjhawala killing: 6 accused sent to judicial custody for 2 weeks, Delhi court reprimands police for delay in collecting evidence

On the other hand, the accused confessed during police interrogation that they knew that Anjali was trapped under their car but kept on driving out of fear
05:46 PM Jan 09, 2023 IST | APN Live
kanjhawala killing  6 accused sent to judicial custody for 2 weeks  delhi court reprimands police for delay in collecting evidence

In the Kanjhawala killing, the Rohini Court has sent all the six accused to judicial custody for 14 days. Before this, these accused were in police custody for a few days. But this time when the accused were produced on Monday, the court reprimanded the police. The court asked why the police does not collect all the CCTV footage at one go.


In fact, during the hearing held on Monday, the police said before the court that a CCTV has come to the fore, in which it is seen that once the accused got down from the car, and showing the others that something was stuck under the car, but they still kept driving. The police also told the court that they have collected 6 CCTV footage so far. But the court was not satisfied with this type of investigation by the police. The court bluntly asked the police as why all the footage were not collected at once.

Were you waiting for evidence to get tampered: Court asks Delhi police

The court asked the police if they knew how many government CCTV cameras were installed in that area? How long will it take the police to collect evidence? What were the police waiting for? Were they waiting for the evidence to get tampered? On this rebuke of the court, the police could only say that they were not getting full cooperation. The arrested accused were continuously misleading the police. The police also informed the court that more investigation is being done on the role of accused Ashutosh in the case. It has even been said that the conspiracy angle cannot be ruled out and investigation is going on in this direction as well. At this time, the accused are being interrogated by confronting them. At the same time, face recognition is also being done from CCTV footage.


Accused knew that Anjali was stuck under their car

On the other hand, the accused arrested in this case had made a big disclosure on Sunday. They confessed during police interrogation that they knew that Anjali was trapped under their car but kept on driving out of fear. During this, on the route till Kanjhawala, they took several U-turns. The accused told the police during interrogation that they were afraid that if the girl was taken out of the car, a case of murder would be filed. They will get caught on the bad side in this case, so after the accident, the accused did not try to get the girl out from under their car. They said that they were very scared, so they kept rotating the car again and again and had no idea where to go. They waited till the girl drops from the car and kept driving.

Scope of suspicion increased

Now then the role of many people in this matter is being considered suspicious. On one hand, the role of Ashutosh among the accused is raising many questions in the mind of the police, while on the other hand, Anjali’s friend Nidhi is also under the scanner. More questions about Nidhi because she is the biggest eyewitness of this case. This whole incident happened in front of her eyes. The great thing is that despite knowing everything, she did not help her friend and ran away from the spot. The way she has claimed that Anjali was drunk, seems like she is also trying to twist the case.

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