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Viral: Kim Kardashian's tight gown makes walk like turtle, tweeple call it fashion disaster | WATCH

04:18 PM Sep 28, 2022 IST | APN Live
viral  kim kardashian s tight gown makes walk like turtle  tweeple call it fashion disaster   watch

An American socialite and media personality Kim Kardashian often hits the headlines with her sense of style and lavish lifestyle. The top-rated social media influencer with more than 330 million followers on Instagram, was caught by the fashion police for carrying her dress horribly in a fashion event where she ended up walking like a turtle.


Recently, Kardashian attended Milan Fashion Week, where she was seen wearing a silver sparkling gown by Dolce & Gabbana. However, the social media celebrity was getting a lot of attention from the people but the fashion police trolled her real bad for not walking like a human in her attire.

Take a look at the viral video where Kim Kardashian not able to walk in her dress


The video has been shared by a page called Kim Kardashian Updates, where she was seen struggling to walk, climb stairs and even move in her tight skin-fit silver sparkling gown. In the clip, the Hollywood celebrity also was seen getting support from her colleagues, making her walk like a normal human being.

She was also even heard in the video saying ‘is there any elevator’ while climbing the stairs.

Ever since the video dropped on the internet, it has amazed millions of people in no time. Every second person in the comment section either was appreciating her dedication to her work or criticing her for wearing such a horrible dress.

One of the users wrote that why big celebrities wear such clothes that they can not carry by themselves. Or do they just want to get noticed, users asked. Another person wrote that she can do whatever she wants because it is her money, it is her choice where she can invest. While the third person trolled all the users saying she is least interested in all the negative comments in the section.

Coming back to the event, Kardashian attended Milan fashion week with her sister Khloe who is reported dating 365 days actor Michele Morrone.

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