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Maharashtra-Karnataka Border Row: MVA MPs meet Amit Shah, protest outside Maharashtra Bank in Bengaluru

Members of the Namma Karnataka Sena staged a vigorous protest against the Maharashtra government outside the bank located in Gandhinagar.
12:59 PM Dec 09, 2022 IST | APN Live
maharashtra karnataka border row  mva mps meet amit shah  protest outside maharashtra bank in bengaluru

Home Minister Amit Shah is having a meeting with MPs of Mahavikas Aghadi in Delhi on the issue of border dispute between Maharashtra-Karnataka. It is reported that a team of MVA MPs led by Supriya Sule has come to meet the Home Minister. Apart from the ongoing dispute between the two states, other issues of Maharashtra are also likely to be discussed in this meet.


On the other hand, there is news of a vigorous demonstration outside Maharashtra Bank in Bengaluru regarding the border dispute. Reportedly, members of the Namma Karnataka Sena staged a vigorous protest against the Maharashtra government outside the bank located in Gandhinagar. Bengaluru police has also detained several of them.

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Last week the border dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra had taken a violent turn. Following a protest in Belagavi by an organization called Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, trucks with Maharashtra number plates were stopped, vandalised and black ink was applied on them. Several trucks were also pelted with stones.

Reportedly, Belgaum city is at the center of this dispute. Maharashtra has consistently claimed that this Marathi-majority region was wrongfully given to Kannada-majority Karnataka in the language-based reorganization of states in the 1960s. Karnataka has recently resumed its claim on some villages in Maharashtra, triggering a fresh round of acrimony, despite the fact that BJP is the only party in power in both these states.

Several political leaders of Maharashtra are asking for Centre’s intervention now. NCP chief Sharad Pawar even said that if Karnataka CM, Basavaraj Bommai is going to make provocative statements, then the Centre should intervene. He also requested Maharastra MPs to take a delegation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, since the winter session of the Parliament is beginning tomorrow.

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