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Andhra Pradesh: Man cuts his wife into pieces, stuffs it in a drum, probe underway

Police said preliminary evidence suggests that the body, which has now been discovered, was cut into pieces a year ago.
02:37 PM Dec 05, 2022 IST | APN Live
andhra pradesh  man cuts his wife into pieces  stuffs it in a drum  probe underway

Ever since the arrest of Aaftab Amin Poonawala in Delhi last month for allegedly killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and chopping her body into 35 parts, several similar cases have been reported from across the country. In a recent incident, several body parts of a woman were found in a drum kept in a locked rented house in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam. Police suspect that the body was lying there for more than a year. The body parts of the woman were found when the owner of the house broke open the door when the tenant did not pay the rent.


Visakhapatnam City Police Commissioner Srikanth said that the above case came to light from Maduravada in Visakhapatnam today when the landlord forcefully entered the house to remove the belongings of the absconding tenant. In June 2021, the tenant vacated the house without paying the dues citing his wife’s pregnancy. But he is said to have returned once more in the home through the back door, but had not yet paid the owner

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After waiting for more than a year, the owner today forcefully entered the house to remove the tenant’s belongings. Parts of a drum containing the body of a woman have been recovered.

Police said preliminary evidence suggests that the body, which has now been discovered, was cut into pieces a year ago. Srikanth said we suspect it could be his wife. The (house) owner has given a complaint, on the basis of which the case has been registered.


The City Police Commissioner has said that they are suspecting it was his wife, a case has been registered and a probe into the matter has been initiated.

The spine chilling incident of a woman named Shraddha Walkar, murdered and chopped into 35 pieces, made the national headlines after her father lodged a missing person complaint.

The police are ever since involved in the investigation of the matter as the accused is in judicial custody.

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