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Man dies in UP's Kanpur Dehat police custody, video of deceased's family creating ruckus goes viral | WATCH

12:34 PM Dec 13, 2022 IST | APN Live
man dies in up s kanpur dehat police custody  video of deceased s family creating ruckus goes viral   watch

Yet again! A shocking incident has been reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Dehat, where a man died in police custody at Rania police station. However, the real cause of his death inside the police station premises is still not known yet.


Soon after the victim died, his family rushed to the police station and created a ruckus, accusing the officers of killing him by using their power. The video which has been shared by the internet on Twitter also goes viral, where some people along with police officials were seen taking the deceased’s body outside the police station.

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Take a look at the viral video of a family creating a ruckus at Rania police station after a man died in custody

The user who shared the clip on the internet also captioned the post in Hindi that reads a young man died in the custody of UP police. The case pertains to the Rania police station of Kanpur Dehat. The victim’s family alleges that the condition of the youth first deteriorated in police custody. The police took him to the hospital for treatment. Where the doctors declared the young man dead. the user added.

In the video, it can be seen that the police staking out the victim’s dead body in a big black plastic bag. While some of the deceased’s family members tried to stop them at the gate.

Ever since the video was shared on the internet, it has gained a lot of views, likes and shares in no time. Many internet users also bombarded the comment section to share their opinion about the incident.

One of the users wrote in Hindi that reads police stations of Uttar Pradesh have become graveyards, and people die there every day in police custody. Such the cruel face of the police comes to the fore. Another user commented that police in UP becoming more dangerous than goons. While the third user asked the state government to take strict action against those who are responsible for the crime.

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