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Jharkhand man kills his 22-year-old wife, chops body into 12 pieces, onlookers find severed body parts being chewed by dogs

12:30 PM Dec 18, 2022 IST | APN Live
jharkhand man kills his 22 year old wife  chops body into 12 pieces  onlookers find severed body parts being chewed by dogs

Panic gripped the area when severed human body parts were found being chewed by dogs in Jharkhand’s Sahibganj on Saturday evening.


The incident came to light after a person saw a dog eating human body parts behind an under-construction Anganwadi centre of Boria Santhali in Sahibganj. Police reached the spot and carried out an investigation, in which it was found that a man had murdered his 22-year-old wife. The accused has been arrested.

What was the matter?

In Sahibganj, a man has been accused of chopping his 22-year-old wife Rabika Pahadin into 12 pieces with a cutter. The deceased was a resident of Gonda Pahar. After marriage, she lived with husband Dildar Ansari at Beltola house. Dildar is alleged to have started quarreling with his wife only a few days after the marriage. Finally fed up with the quarrel, he made a dangerous plan and then killed his wife and cut her body into 12 pieces with an electric cutter. He then threw her severed body parts behind the Anganwadi center. It was also revealed that Rabika was Dildar’s second wife.


Dogs were seen dragging the severed body part

According to media reports, the mutilated body of the woman was recovered in 12 pieces behind an Anganwadi center located at Santhali Momin Tola of Borio police station area at 6 pm on Saturday. It has been told that dogs were dragging the severed parts of the body, then  the matter came to light and the police was informed. Then the police team arrived with a large force. During this the dog squad was also with them.

Incident reminds of horrifying Shraddha murder case

Significantly, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, who was living in a rented house in Delhi’s Chhatarpur area, brutally murdered his live-in partner Shraddha after a quarrel. After this, he chopped Shraddha’s dead body into 35 pieces and kept those pieces in the freezer for 18 days. He slowly kept dumping the pieces of the dead body in the forest. The investigation into this chilling murder is currently underway.

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