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BJP MP Maneka Gandhi says soap made of donkey's milk makes women beautiful forever

Gandhi also referred to Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen, and said that she used to bathe in donkey's milk.
02:02 PM Apr 03, 2023 IST | APN Live
bjp mp maneka gandhi says soap made of donkey s milk makes women beautiful forever

While addressing a gathering in Uttar Pradesh’s Baldirai, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and former Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said soaps made with donkey’s milk makes women’s body beautiful forever.


Gandhi also referred to Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen, and said that she used to bathe in donkey’s milk. In a viral video, she can be heard saying, Soaps made with donkey’s milk cost Rs 500 a piece in Delhi. Why don’t we start making soaps with goat’s milk and with donkey’s milk?

The 66-year-old leader continued to say that a Ladakh community uses donkey’s milk to make soaps. She questioned how long has it been since one spotted a donkey. Their numbers are falling. The washermen have also stopped using donkeys. There is a community in Ladakh that also noticed that the number of donkeys was dwindling. So they started milking donkeys and used the milk to make soap. Soaps made with donkey’s milk will keep a woman’s body beautiful forever, she added.


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Speaking about making money from animals, Maneka Gandhi said she does not want people to earn any money from animals. She went on to say that, to date, no one has become rich by rearing goats or cows. There are also not many doctors in Sultanpur, hardly three doctors among the 25 lakh people and sometimes not even that, she said.

Adding, she stated that lakhs are spent on cows or buffalo or a goat if they fall sick. But the animal will die one night and everything will be over.

Gandhi further talked about the increasing price of wood and due to this cremation costs have also increased. The BJP politician said wood has become so expensive that, even in death, people leave their families behind poorer.

She also urged people to add aromatic material to cow dung and use them to cremate the dead body. She said wood costs around Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000 and if we use aromatic material for cow dung then the cost of the cremation rituals will just come down to just Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 and you can also earn lakhs by selling these cow dung logs.

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