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“Uttarakhand has the best shot at becoming the next film capital of India”, says 72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died fame, Prashil Rawat, in an Interview

03:08 PM May 17, 2022 IST | apn news
“uttarakhand has the best shot at becoming the next film capital of india”  says 72 hours  martyr who never died fame  prashil rawat  in an interview

Uttarakhand appears to be gearing up towards establishing its identity as the new film destination of India. In this stride, we got an opportunity to interview the dynamic and charming actor, Prashil Rawat, who has his roots in Devbhoomi. We witnessed an exceptional performance from Prashil in the 2019 patriotic film, 72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died as rifleman Jeet Singh. In this interview we got an insight into his persona.


Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Q1. Hi Prashil, we are ecstatic to have you with us today. Let’s start with an introduction. Our readers would love to know something about you and your inspiration in your own words.


A1. Hello everyone! I am Prashil Rawat, a businessman, actor, and athlete from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. After graduation, I got involved in the hospitality enterprise with my father, Jaswant Singh Rawat, and brother Tarun Singh Rawat. My first commercial acting gig was 72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died, which germinated my acting career in 2016. Since then, I have worked on several projects driving my acting passion.

I strongly believe that inspiration comes from within, and I find myself and my passion my biggest motivator. My family has also had a substantial impact on my life, and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such encouraging people. They are my rock!


Q2. Amazing take on inspiration! Could you elaborate more on your acting career? You are a successful businessman, so what exactly fuelled your passion for acting?

A2. Since my childhood, I have been keen on the lifestyle of other people and their experiences. Be it a soldier, a doctor, a daily wage worker, etc., I wanted to comprehend their toils and their perception of life. Being an actor, I feel I can walk in other people’s shoes. While it may not be 100% accurate, at least I get to experience some instances. This fuelled my acting passion, and it is a thrilling experience for me.

Q3. Interesting! That would take us to our next question, who is your favorite actor and filmmaker, and with whom would you love to work?

A3. Ah well! It is a tricky question as I may have a long list. But presently, Will Smith is my favorite and his Oscar win was felicitous. Although I do not support this portrayal of violence at the academy awards, his talent is indisputable.

From the Bollywood industry, I have immense respect for the deceased legend, Irrfan Khan. The way he used to channel the soul of the character into himself is commendable! Hrithik Roshan is also a very proficient actor, and I love his work in Super 30. I aspire to work with him someday. As for filmmakers, South Indian Industry is at its peak, and I greatly desire to work with one of their filmmakers.

Q4. Most certainly! The South Indian industry is just giant these days. You completed the shoot of your recent project Mussoriie Boyz. Can you tell us something about it and your overall experience?

A4. Well, I will not give you all the details, but here is a little background. For Mussoriie Boyz we collaborated with some of the most talented people in the industry, which amped up my excitement for the project. Mr. Hriday V Shetty is an immensely talented director who is making a comeback. The story is a light-hearted comedy that revolves around four friends and their life which will connect with the audience instantly.

My experience on the set was phenomenal as I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. One of my favorite memories has to be one where rain interrupted our shoot at midnight. It was practically playing hide and seek with us!

Also, Mussoriie Boyz is an important project for us as we aim to establish the prominence and magnificence of Uttarakhand through it. I believe that despite the lack of exposure, the people of Uttarakhand tend to outshine with their raw talent, and the beautiful valleys are ideal for shooting. Uttarakhand has the best shot at evolving into the next film capital of India.

Q5. We are super excited about the release of Mussoorie Boyz! In the end, we would love to know something about your fashion and fitness lifestyle and your role model that inspires you to keep going.

A5. Fitness to me is not an option. It is a necessity and an integral part of life. When you eat well and exercise, you will automatically be more focused and energized. My father has to be my biggest role model. I have witnessed him working assiduously, and I am glad to have inherited that trait. I like to keep myself busy all the time. Even during my spare time, I engage in some activities that would be beneficial like hiking, gymming, and horse riding. I believe in utilizing every ounce of your time.

As for fashion, there are three wardrobe essentials that I believe every man must carry- a watch, a good pair of shoes, and a comb to keep hair groomed.

Q6. Awesome! Any closing statement that you would like to convey to our readers?

A6. Be passionate and follow your passion. Laziness is a major cause of unhappiness. Also, watch my latest film Mussoriie Boyz, set to release in a few months.

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