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We are sorry but here's mithai momos!

A video has been going viral on social media where a food vendor is selling momos but with a twist. The video has so far garnered over 53.5k views.
03:50 PM Mar 31, 2022 IST | Kritika Bobal
we are sorry but here s mithai momos

Fusion of dishes has become the latest trend these days. From ice golgappa to fanta maggi to gulab jamun dosa, people are not leaving a stone unturned to get viral with these weird food combos. But just when you think that people are finally relieved of such horror, there comes along another bizarre dish. If you are a foodie and love Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa and Momos then read this at your own risk!


A video has been going viral on social media where a food vendor is selling momos but with a twist. Instead of the usual filling of vegetables, paneer, or chicken, the vendor is filling the momos with gajar ka halwa. gulab jamun, laddoo and kalakand. Yes, you read that right! The bizarre clip was uploaded by a user on Twitter and so far it has garnered over 53.5k views.

The video starts with the food vendor rolling dough for momos and then he inserts two pieces of gulab jamun, two pieces of laddoo, two pieces of kalakand, and 1 bowl of gajar ka halwa. After adding all these things, he makes the shape of momos. Then, he put the momo in the steamer to get it baked. The dish is then served on a plate with chocolate syrup.


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One of the users commented, gajar ka halwa? Good!..Gulab Jamun?…Good!..Laddoo? Good!..All inside a momo?? The benefit of doubt. The finishing touch with chocolate sauce dip? Nope too much! I’ll be right back after puking.

The bizarre fusion has Tweeple talking in the comment section. A user wrote, please mail me the address of the eye donation centre. This is the brutal murder of food, said another. The user quipped send this man to jail. The fourth user wrote, the best way to use-up leftover sweets. Casserole momos! The fifth user commented, fix a bed in an ICU first. Good lord!

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