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Uttar Pradesh: Woman kills 4-month-old boy with shovel in Sultanpur, black magic said to be reason

05:27 PM Jan 08, 2023 IST | APN Live
uttar pradesh  woman kills 4 month old boy with shovel in sultanpur  black magic said to be reason

A shocking incident has been reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, where a mother sacrificed her 4-month-old child by shovel after falling into the trap of black magic by a Tantrik. When the incident came into the limelight, it shocked the whole district to the core.


Police said that when the accused mother Manju Devi’s neighbors gave information about the crime, a team reached her doorstep and took her into custody. An internet user named Ankit Singh also shared the accused mother’s clip on Twitter, who was seen having no guilt on her face for killing her small kid.

As per the details shared by the police, it said that in order to spend a good and tension-free life, a Tantrik suggested a 34-year-old mother sacrifice her child in the name of god.


Some locals also revealed that the Manju Devi was having affair with Tantrik. She has killed her child on his advice. Locals also revealed that the accused mother was mentally not stable. She use to behave abnormally at times, but this time she crossed all the limits by killing her own child.

Superintendent of Police Somen Verma said that the body of the child has been sent for a post-mortem. Police said a search operation has been initiated to find the Tantrik. Meanwhile, the investigation is going, under which Manju is being interrogated, police added.

This is not the first time such an incident come into the limelight. Earlier, a similar incident has been reported from UP, where a mother killed her husband, and two kids, including a 6-month-old child.

The crime has been committed after a saint suggested to the woman that she has to kill her whole family if she wants to make god happy and live a happy life ever after. When the crime into the limelight, the police arrested both and registered a complain against them under the murder charges.

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