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Ms. Marvel last episode’s post-credit scene has left tweeple in splits | Watch

The final episode of MCU's Ms. Marvel was released today. And the end-credit scene of episode six has left the audience wanting for more.
05:55 PM Jul 13, 2022 IST | APN Live
ms  marvel last episode’s post credit scene has left tweeple in splits   watch

The big finale of MCU’s Ms. Marvel featuring Iman Vellani was aired today, on July 13. And as expected the wrapping up of first season has left the audience wanting for more.


But what grabbed the most eyeballs was the end-credit of Ms. Marvel episode 6, where the Captain Marvel gave a cameo.

Yes! you read that right, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers has a cameo in the last episode of MCU super hit TV series and this has not only opened gates for several fan fiction but also possibilities.


While the MCU fans were elated to witness where Kamala Khan’s story goes ahead, the gripping story line and on-point acting by the Marvel characters has made this series a must-watch.

Iman Vellani who plays the character of Ms. Marvel has made a strong impact as Kamala Khan. She did not only get everyone hooked on her acting but she also explored the new MCU story line of finding her powers and their connections to her family. 

Until the fifth episode, audience had watched Kamala going back in time to the partition era, where she meets her great-grandmother and also gets to know that she inherited the powers from her.

The final episode of Ms. Marvel had some other surprises stored for the MCU fans. By Kamala knowing that Bruno has detected a mutation in her genes and the X-Men theme being played in the background, it is safe to say that MCU is now all set to enter its mutant era soon. 

But the biggest surprise in Ms. Marvel episode 6 was the post-credit scene of Brie Larson cameo as Captain Marvel, which has also confirmed that both will return in the upcoming MCU film, which is titled The Marvels.

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