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Are your children becoming obese day by day? Here are some parental tips to help you manage your child's eating habits

Are your children becoming obese day by day? Does your gaining weight of your child worry you a lot? Here's we are giving you some parental tips by which you can help your children to be healthy.
09:47 AM Jan 24, 2022 IST | APN Live
are your children becoming obese day by day  here are some parental tips to help you manage your child s eating habits

Due to unhealthy lifestyles, most of the children are becoming obese day by day. They prefer to eat junk food rather than a healthy and balanced diet. It is quite astonishing to know that most parents are stressed out because their children are becoming obese.


According to recent research in the European Heart Journal, obesity could have a severe impact on a child’s heart anatomy. It is especially applicable to young obese children.

So, to make your understanding better, we are providing you with some parental tips so that you can control the food habits of your children.


Give them Healthy Snacks

Well, it is very important to give your child a healthy and balanced diet. If your child is hungry between meals, then you should give them fruit instead of chips and other snacks. Besides this, you can also give them green yogurt with berries to satisfy their craving for food.

Teach your kid about Serving Size

It might sound interesting. It means that you should tell your children about serving size so that they consume food accordingly. This will them to have a proper amount of intake in their body.


Limit Their Screen Time

It is essential to limit the screen time of your children. Due to the excessive use of gadgets, they become lazier and eat unhealthy snacks. So, you should set a time limit of around 30 to 60n minutes for a day so that they could be encouraged to get into other works.

Develop drinking habits

Drinking water is a key to become healthy life. This is because if stay hydrated all day long, then the body craves less sugary food intake. This habit should be developed in your child as well to make them healthier than before.

Encourage them to do physical activities

Physical activities help to grow your child better. When you exercise, your brain releases certain chemicals in your body to keep your mood refreshing. You with your child can do small exercises in the morning so that they can become physically and mentally fit.

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