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Pakistan riot police reach former PM Imran Khan's Lahore residence to arrest him

07:15 PM Mar 14, 2023 IST | APN Live
pakistan riot police reach former pm imran khan s lahore residence to arrest him

Following the order by Pakistan’s Islamabad courts to arrest the country’s former Prime Minister and Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief in corruption charges, riot police with full of gear reached his Lahore residence to nab him. However, in order to avoid the arrest, the former PM is not coming out or letting anyone inside his premises.


The Pakistan police revealed that even on Sunday, a big police force was gathered outside his residence and one of the officers crossed the path and went inside his Lahore residence room, but the 70-year-old was not found there. It also has been reported that he fled from the spot in order to escape his arrest.

Khan’s party’s official Twitter page also reacted about the same. It Tweeted in Urdu reads a police force has reached the barrier between Achison College and Zaman Park with water cannons and tear gas. The party also requested all its workers, and volunteers to reach the spot as soon as possible.


Take a look at the Imran Khan’s PTI tweet

Islamabad Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Shahzad Bukhari also commented on the matter. He said that the top officials full of a special police force gathered outside Imran Khan’s residence to take the PTI chief into custody, but no arrest has been made as of yet, Bukhari added.

Amid this, it is not confirmed yet under which charges the police rushed to Khan’s residence in order to arrest him as the PTI chief is booked under more than 70 charges including corruption, sedition, terrorism, and giving gifts to top dignitaries from the government’s depository.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s supporters and party workers in large numbers gathered outside his residence, creating chaotic scenes and asking the police not to arrest the PTI chief. Police also tried to disperse the large gathering by using water cannons and tear gas on them.

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