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Tasty or weird: This Palak Chhole Chawal served in Kulhad divides social media users

Ever since the video went viral, it has garnered over 343k views and 1.2k likes
06:51 PM Jan 25, 2023 IST | APN Live
tasty or weird  this palak chhole chawal served in kulhad divides social media users

One of the most eagerly awaited occasions in our lives is getting married. The gala event features a wide range of elements, including gorgeous décor and delectable food. We all look forward to the opulent wedding buffets as soon as we receive a wedding invitation. Foodies are unable to stop thinking about the endless rows of delectable food, from street food to Desi Chinese. One wedding dish, nevertheless, has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. A recent video featuring an influencer eating a dish named Palak Chhole Chawal that was served in a kulhad went viral online.


Watch the viral video here:

On Monday afternoon, a Twitter account that goes by the name DaakuwithChaku posted the video online. Since it went online, the video has accumulated over 343k views and 1.2k likes. He captioned the video, ‘Koi roko in influenza ko.. fascinating dish…ffs that’s how most Indians eat dal chawal and sabji.’


We could watch the cooking of the peculiar meal known as palak chhole chawal in the popular video. There were many unusual items being utilised to make the dish, which was being made on a live counter. A large scoop of rice and some ghee were first heated on a tawa. The rice was then topped with a dash of chaat masala and both chhole and palak ki sabzi. The meal was served in a kulhad, an earthen pot with a few onion rings as a garnish.

Regarding the bizzare food, Twitter users were still divided. Some people thought this idea was a little pointless. ‘Any modification to a food served in a Kulhad or Matka is not worthwhile. Stop with the nonsense, ‘one user stated. Another person commented, ‘My daughter usually always eats this dish after school, but alas! without uttering any term even close to appealing.’ Others argued that this was the main meal, not the starters. Main course plate transformed into kulhad appetiser, commented the other user.

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