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Jharkhand: Video of vandalism outside mosque in Palamu goes viral | WATCH

The video comes to light after reports of clashes between two communities in Jharkhand’s Palamu over preparations for Mahashivratri emerged.
12:40 PM Feb 16, 2023 IST | APN Live
jharkhand  video of vandalism outside mosque in palamu goes viral   watch

A video has surfaced on the internet where some men can be seen vandalising and burning vehicles outside of a mosque in Jharkhand. The video comes to light after reports of clashes between two communities in Jharkhand’s Palamu over preparations for Mahashivratri emerged.


It was also reported that after the situation was pacified, the police also imposed section 144, as well as snapped the internet in the area after transgression unraveled between two communities Wednesday.

In the video, a man can be seen tearing apart and breaking a motorcycle by pounding on it a stick. The people in the video can be seen being agitated as one user can also be seen instructing the man pounding on the vehicle to let the motorcycle burn.


The video also shows vandals pelting stones and walking around with sticks as the commotion led the regular functioning of the area to come to a standstill. The markets can also be seen shut, as well as the area can also be seen in a deserted state.

Some men can also be seen pelting stones as the commotion escalates. The man who can be seen pounding on the vehicle can be heard being addressed as Mukesh.


The user who shared the video also alleged that Muslim-owned houses, shops as well vehicles were targeted and claimed it to be a pre-planned attack. The user also cited that the police authorities failed to take prompt actions due to which the common people faced losses.

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Watch the video here:

According to reports, tensions between the two communities escalated over the issue of the construction of Torana gate on the occasion of the Mahashivratri festival. The reports also suggested that arson and vandalism took place in the area following the breakout of the dispute.

Twitter reactions

After the video went viral, many users came forward to add their take on the matter as one user wrote and tagged the Chief Minister of Jharkhand and pulled him for the law and order situation in the state after seeing the unsettling commotion in Palamu.

One user wrote that the video that is going viral is proof enough for the authorities to identify the vandals and take action. The user further urged the police to take prompt action against the perpetrators seen in the video.

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