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Raveena Tandon speaks about body shaming in Bollywood, says she was called thunder thighs

Talking about the gossip magazines of the bygone eras, Raveena said the 90s gossip magazines were the worst.
04:45 PM Feb 06, 2023 IST | APN Live
raveena tandon speaks about body shaming in bollywood  says she was called thunder thighs

Being in show business is really tough as the audience’s eyes record every move and appearance. A lot of the hate that celebrities face on a daily basis, sadly, ends up being focused on their bodies.


Several Bollywood actors have shared their bad experiences, including body shaming, during the initial phase of their careers. The latest actor to speak up on the matter is Raveena Tandon.

The Mohra actor has been in the industry for over three decades and is reigning over the industry with her flabbergasting acting prowess. She has been celebrated for her physical charm and beauty to date. But during a recent interview with ANI, the actor spoke about her miserable experience at the beginning of her career.


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Speaking about the body-shaming incident during the 90s, the Tip Tip Barsa Pani actor said she was called a lot of things. The 90s ke kholo, TTs, thunder thighs… miss this and miss that. She said she was plump when she began her career at 16 and a half years old and was full of baby fat that still hasn’t gone away. She went on to say that now she doesn’t care at all.


Talking about the gossip magazines of the bygone eras, Raveena said the 90s gossip magazines were the worst. And some of those women, whom she sees now roaming around today carrying the women’s liberation badge over their heads and hearts, were the worst enemies of women, who body-shamed women, slut-shamed women, and would do everything possible to bring another woman down. She said she is shocked to see those women now chanting the slogan of feminism.

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