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RENATUS WELLNESS: A premier Health & Wellness Brand

Renatus Wellness is India’s first Health & Wellness brand with products developed through nano-blend technology
07:06 PM Feb 02, 2023 IST | APN Live
renatus wellness  a premier health   wellness brand

RENATUS WELLNESS is a Health & Wellness company that offers products which are made traditionally with an ayurvedic and holistic approach. The brand focuses on years of scientific studies and formulates its products with the best innovation, creativity, and technology.


RENATUS WELLNESS was started in 2018 by Subrata Dutta, a transformational guru and a philanthropist. He believes that doing good for others will benefit him in the best way. The first product the company launched was Renatus Nova, a nutraceutical drink, which was an instant hit in the Indian Market. Since then, the company never needed to look back and started developing an array of products in all areas- from toiletries to health supplements.

The research team is headed by their Chief Scientist, Dr Rajdeep Dutta who has been awarded with Scientist of the Year 2015, by International Foundation for Environment and Ecology and Academic Excellence award, 2016 by International Benevolent Research Foundation. He is also associated with the “Sweden Nobel Committee”.


Dr. Rajdeep believes that the brand not just focuses on health development, but also caters to the population on the growth of their lifestyle. He believes in the motto “Treatment for All”. He explains to people, “If you take food like medicine, you don’t need to take medicine like food forever and ever”.

The company wants to solve the biggest health issue in India- diabetes and believes in the propaganda, “Disease Free, Diabetes Free India”.


The company is planning to launch two new products by next month. One of them is KADHYAAU made with 18 essential natural herbals. It is developed through nano-blend technology and is gluten free, allergen free, purely plant-based nano-structured. It has zero glycaemic index with antioxidants and supports digestive, liver, gastro-intestine; besides many other qualitative benefits. It can be taken by anyone above 5 years.

Another product is an ANTIOXIDANT [IMMUXANTH] which has the property of insulin resistance free technique, clinically proven through the newly developed NFCAT formulae; also reduces inflammation in the human body, alongside aiding to reverse auto-immune disorders. All the products upcoming in recent times are developed through nano-blend technology; hence, having the best cell assimilation rate.

RENATUS WELLNESS is dedicated towards serving the population; aiming for making India disease free. They develop products that would not just cure the diseases, but also reverse them from its root cause. The brand not just focuses on health development, but also caters to the population on the growth of their lifestyle and aims to change lives for the better.