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Rhinos attack safari car in Jaldapara National Park in Bengal, 7 tourist hurt, 2 critical | WATCH

As per the reports, the injured tourists were rushed to the local Madarihat health center.
04:13 PM Feb 26, 2023 IST | APN Live
rhinos attack safari car in jaldapara national park in bengal  7 tourist hurt  2 critical   watch

A disturbing story has come to light from North of Bengal where a group of tourists, who visited the Jaldapara National park in the Alipurdauar area, witnessed an awry turn of events.


The safari jeep of the tourist who sought to see Rhinos during their safari got too close to the rhino as feral animals attacked the car.

In the video, a safari jeep can be seen halted on the tracks of the national park as they wait to get a glimpse of the rhinos. However, in the major turn of events, the rhinos attacked the tourists-borne jeep.


Upon seeing the rhinos charging at the jeep, the driver reversed the car at full speed. Other vehicles that were behind the jeep can also be seen reversing as they try to flee from the grip of the feral animals.

As the other vehicle successfully fled away from the reach of the rhinos, the one closest to the rhinos can be seen jumping the curb and falling down the road of the national park. Upon witnessing the car fall off the track, the other people from the other jeeps can be heard screaming to go back to save them.


As per the reports, the injured tourists were rushed to the local Madarihat health center. The reports also suggest that out of the injured victims, two people’s health is continuing to deteriorate as they undergo treatment.

An official from the forest department has also told the media that it was the first time such an attack by the rhino happened in the national park. The driver of the vehicle that fell also told the media that he has been driving for quite some time and had never witnessed such a thing unravel before.

Twitter reactions

After the video went viral on the internet, many users came forward to add their take on the incident, one user wrote and called out the driver of the jeep to be inadequate and highlighted that the driver couldn’t reverse properly.

One user also wrote and called to ban cell phones in Safaris and said that the tourists get too close in order to get the photo which renders to such incidents.

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