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Sai Pallavi issues clarification after controversy, says all lives are equally important

South Indian actor Sai Pallavi took to Instagram and issued a statement over the controversy regarding her recent take on violence in the name of religion.
07:30 PM Jun 19, 2022 IST | APN Live
sai pallavi issues clarification after controversy  says all lives are equally important

South Indian actor Sai Pallavi today issued a clarification after her statements on Kashmiri Pandits got trolled. The actor while promoting her latest film Virata Paravam, said that the deaths and crimes in the name of religion are no different to her, be it the 1990s exodus of Kashmiri Pandits or killing an individual over cow meat.


The actor seemed to expressed her concerns about the violence that take place in the name of religion. However, this soon led to social media trolling and the religious group Bajrang Dal has even filed a complaint against Sai for hurting religious sentiments and demeaning the Kashmiri Pandit tragedy.

However, the actor who is known for doing good films and being honest, did not hold back and issued a clarification saying each life is equal and important in her eyes. Sai Pallavi took to her Instagram and posted a video saying in a recent interview the actor was asked whether she is a supporter of the Left or the Right Wing.

“I clearly stated that I am neutral and we also need to be good human beings first and then identify ourselves with our beliefs. I even oppressed need to be protected at any cost,” Sai Pallavi said. The Virata Paravam actor further added that she could never belittle a tragedy. But she also cannot come to terms with the violence of mob lynching.

Sai Pallavi went ahead and said, “Being a medical graduate, I believe that all lives are equally important. And I hope the day does not come when a child is born and gets scared of his or her identity. I hope we are not heading towards that.” The actor also said that she felt alone and conflicted during this controversy and having hard time wondering what she did wrong. Sai believes she always speaks in a neutral manner and also indicated that many prominent personalities did not try to find the genuine meaning behind her statement.

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