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Sanjay Dutt's old video on Mardaangi shocks a new generation

Sanjay Dutt's definition of Mardaangi reminded tweeple of Andrew Tate.
03:08 PM Aug 23, 2022 IST | apn news
sanjay dutt s old video on mardaangi shocks a new generation

By Utkarsh Tripathi


Sanjay Dutt’s old ad video has resurfaced on Twitter which has drawn massive flak as some tweeple compared him to the infamous Andrew Tate.

In the video, Dutt could be heard putting forth his views on how to be a man, as well as remarking how men nowadays are falling for makeup and pink colour, which is supposed to be the colour for women, and failing to keep their masculinity.


The actor’s video has triggered trolling where tweeple have compared him with the social media influencer, Andrew Tate, as one user wrote that Sanjay Datt was India’s Andrew Tate before Andrew Tate was even born.



Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate, who rose to prominence on social, is notoriously known for his misogynistic and stereotypical views about women. Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer and has come to become a public figure on the internet. Until recently, Tate’s Social Media, including Youtube, has been taken down in light of his content being misogynistic and inappropriate for the audience.

Former UFC fighter, Andrew Tate, has created a niche audience for himself over the years. His masculinity ideals have translated into conditioning boys and men to adopt similar views, which many speculate to be harmful to the younger generation as well as to the preceding one.

Andrew Tate’s financial status as well as his projected lifestyle on social media has helped him assume the role of a somewhat guru and made him a pretty influential voice. Tate’s views have echoed the preconceived notion of victim blaming a rape victim, which is still a notion in many countries. He also went on to endorse violence against women in many of his videos.

Social media platforms have taken stringent action by taking down his profile and condemning the content which was put out by him.

In light of this, an old video of actor, Sanjay Dutt’s old ad video, has now gained attention on the internet where Dutt could be seen selling ideas of how to be a man, as well as remarking how men nowadays are into makeup and failing as a man. The actor, in the video, all urged them to stop being feminine.

Sanjay Dutt being compared to Andrew Tate

Sanjay Dutt in the old ad video could be seen saying that there is a problem with men lately and adds that it shows in their lifestyle as there are too many men walking around with waxed legs and shaved chests, he also added that men have been spending more time in the spa than in the gym, implying that only women do such things.

The Shamshera star even goes on to object to how men have been into cooking and wearing colourful clothes, implying that these activities are way too feminine.

A Twitter handle had recently written that Sanjay Dutt was the Andrew Tate before Andrew Tate was even born. This is fairly true but the timing of both the prominent figures to be equated isn’t completely fair to the actor Sanjay Dutt, considering how views and opinions aren’t immutable and it has been a while since Sanjay Dutt’s advertisement was shot.

Andrew Tate should be receiving more flak for his views as compared to Sanjay Dutt as he is still clinging to these orthodox views even now when women have not only outshone men in every field but are also leading countries.

However, tweeple took a hilarious turn to Sanjay Dutt’s manly ideals as they tweeted:

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