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Sengol: Historic Sceptre that marked transfer of powers from Britishers during Independence to be placed in new Parliament, says Amit Shah

Shah praising PM Modi said, the installations reflects the far sightedness of the Prime Minister.
02:26 PM May 24, 2023 IST | APN Live
sengol  historic sceptre that marked transfer of powers from britishers during independence to be placed in new parliament  says amit shah

On Wednesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said a historic Sceptre called Sengol to be installed at the newly built Parliament on the inauguration ceremony on May 28 Sunday.


The Sengol will be installed by Prime Minster Narendra Modi near the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chair.

Sengol is a historic golden Sceptre, the history of which remains untold to many.


It is a Sceptre which was handed over to nation’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru during India’s independence to mark the transfer of powers from Britishers to Indians.

Home Minister Shah said the installation of the Sengol in the new Parliament will help as a bridge between India’s cultural traditions with this modern era.


Shah praising PM Modi said, the installations reflects the far sightedness of the Prime Minister.

Shah further said to avoid any politics over the installation as the country should always run by law and this will serve as an reminder for the same.

Shah informed that the Sceptre is now at a museum in Allahabad and it highlights an episode of India’s forgotten history.

Sengol derives from the Tamil word Semmai meaning righteousness, holds a great place in India’s Independence history.

Reports said, It came into existence after Lord Mountbatten simply questioned Nehru that what would mark the transfer of power during India becoming independent. Nehru who went into a deep thought on Mountbatten’s question sought C Rajagopalachari’s help, the last Governor General of India.

It was Rajagopalachari who then suggested Nehru the idea of a Sceptre that could mark India’s freedom

After this a Sceptre was made and was handed over to Nehru just fifteen minutes before Independence was attained.

The newly constructed Parliament will be inaugurated by PM Modi on Sunday in the presnece of Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla.

The opposition parties have become furious over the decision of PM Modi inaugurating the parliament and 19 like minded opposition parties have decided to boycott the event.

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